Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital

Fu Jen Catholic University

Mission Statement

Fu Jen Catholic University is an academic community of students and teachers closely associated in fostering the growth of the whole person, on the basis of Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Holiness. Fu Jen is committed to a dialogue leading to the integration of Chinese culture and Christian faith; to academic research and the promotion of genuine knowledge; to the development of society and the advancement of humankind.


Human Dignity

Fu Jen affirms human dignity and recognizes all basic human rights, with a special emphasis on liberty of conscience and academic freedom.

Meaning of Life

Fu Jen promotes search for the meaning of life, development of an integrated value system, pursuit of high moral standards and professional ethics.

Academic Research

Fu Jen is committed to academic research, to true knowledge and firm action, to the promotion of humanism and to integration of knowledge.

Community Awareness

Fu Jen fosters positive interaction between students, workers, staff and teachers, and cultivates balanced development of self and community.

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Design is taking the world by storm. It plays an increasingly important role in the economy, culture, and society of a country. Meanwhile, more and more industries are treating design as a core competitive advantage. With this in mind, the government is establishing the“Taiwan Design Research Institute” (TDRI) in 2020. The aim of this project is to capitalize on Taiwan’s strengths in design to drive industrial development and the overall economic growth.



Founded and headquartered in Taiwan with offices in Milan, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai, MINIWIZ captures the value of single-use plastic, metal, glass, by transforming industrial and household wastes into sustainable building materials, building modules, specialty fabrics, designer furniture and interior fixtures. After 15 years of intense research and development, MINIWIZ is offering its value proposition to the market and accelerating its customer base. Innovation and creative engineering never stop at MINIWIZ; new applications are being discovered. The company is making a meaningful difference in many areas particularly in long-life-cycle building and interior fixtures. MINIWIZ’s selected customers include Dominique Crenn (Salesforce Tower), Nike, Phillip Morris, McDonalds, Jackie Chan, LVMH, Prada, Starbucks and Coca Cola.